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About Us

Wireless Services, Incorporated is a construction and management company providing standard and total turn-key services to the Telecommunications Industry. We have been in business nearly 20 years, and our leadership has a combined 70+ years of experience, with specializations in Raw Lands, Structural Modifications, Signal Testing and Troubleshooting, and Shelter Sets. We also do Power Audits, Lighting, and Maintenance, plus much, much more. See our  SERVICES page for a full listing of our provided services.  We also have Emergency Response Teams (ERTs)!



As a modern business, we strive to provide 100% effort and respect to not only our clients, and the work we do for them, but also to our employees, suppliers, the environment, and our local and greater communities.


We provide fair prices & quality work to our clients; respectable wages, bonuses, and benefits to our employees; quick payment & respectful dealings with our suppliers; sustainability guided micro and macro environmental decisions to work site owners; and we leave every jobsite and community better than it was when we arrived.



We at Wireless Services, from the Administrative Assistant to the CEO, believe in, and strive to create, a construction and management environnment within the Telecommunications Industry where bids are fair, work is exemplary, and problems are solved. Quality, and particularly Safety, are the only factors that impact our speed of performace.


We Brake for Safety!


100% Tied-Off, 100% of the Time!





After 15 years in the Telecommunications Industry, including previous business ventures, Mr. George Liko leveraged his combined knowledge of hands-on job site work experience, professional relationships, and in-office management education, to found Wireless Services, Incorporated in January of 2000.


In the 18 years since, we have continuously increased our collective knowledge, skills, and abilities within the Turn-Key Telecom Industry, as well as increasing our work load, annual income revenue, and customer satisfaction, year on year.

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