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Wireless Services, Incorporated is committed to providing the highest quality services to the telecommunications industry. For nearly 20 years we have been providing turn-key solutions to raw land and pre-existing tower construction, roof-top and building installments. We also offer an extensive array of testing services, tower maintenance, and emergency situations.

Meet all your telecom needs with Wisdom Security Integrity. ​




Able to fulfill total turn-key solutions for the telecomunications industry, Wireless Services has experienced civil crews capable of performing tower foundations and shelter sets, generator and battery back-up installations, outfitting shelters, site grounding, running power, telco, and fiber, and connecting your site to the local municipal utility services, such as the power grid and hardline telco service.



A company-owned warehouse allows Wireless Services to receive customer materials in advance. We then leverage our warehousing capabilities into streamlined logistics, allowing our management and construction teams to excel at meeting the strict scheduling requirements of the Telecomunications Industry. Our work is done as quickly as possible, without violating our commitment to Safety & Quality.



WSI posseses vast resources to meet your testing needs. We have the personnel, equipment, and training to perform PIM & Sweep Testing, Power Audits, Fiber Analysis, AM, Microwave and much more. In addition to testing new systems to ensure working order, we also have expert Tiger Teams for Trouble Shooting.


From Tower Erection to Structural Modifications, Lighting Upgrades and simple Bulb Replacements to Decommissioning and Demolition, Path Alignment and Hop Integration, Wireless Services has the experience, equipment, and employees to meet all of your "in-air" needs. 



Wireless Services has multiple Emergency Response Teams available to restore control and operations to your emergency-stricken telecomunications site (Macro & Micro). We also provide temporary power and communications to on-site emergency situations. For example, we were there to do our part to support the U.S. Government's investigation into the 9/11 tragedy in Somerset, Pa. We still respect the heroes of Flight 93, and offer our support to their families. Heroes of Flight 93, we salute you still;

You are NOT forgotten!

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