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Base Section of a Monopole Tower Stack

This job was a new tower stack we recently performed a few months ago in semi-rural Pennsylvania. This monopole was erected near a local police station, so after we completed construction, it also had the added benefit of enhancing local police force communications, in addition to servicing the typical commercial populace.

As can be seen from the photo, this was the base portion being erected. From the size of the crane truck in the picture, it can be determined that this wasn't a huge tower (I believe it was 3 sections). While we have stacked much bigger monopoles, with the close proximity of the build site to the adjacent building, and the open-form tower next to it, not to mention then entire parking lot of police cars just out of the picture's view, this was a deceptively trickly and somewhat dangerous stack. Fortunately though, with a little experience, patience, and attention to detail, the project was successfully completed without any issues.

And the police department was very happy with the small concrete pad we poured them for their picnic table. This wasn't part of the job, but we're always happy to help the boys (and girls) in blue.

Monopole Stack

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