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Upcoming Trainings at WSI

Continuous Improvement is more than just a business buzzword at WSI. With a large annual training budget, from office staff, to our civil crews, to our tower crews, someone is always learning something, somewhere! We will utilize any type of quality training resource available to increase the company's overall knowledge base, including on-site and off-site direct trainings, live and pre-recorded webinars, legitimate free and paid online courses, product or technique-specific website videos, and even quality YouTube tutorials. If the information is pertinent, and the knowledge will help us better serve our customers, then we will do it!

April 20th & 21st, we will be welcoming certified JDSU trainers to further educate our in-house testing professionals. As the telecommunications industry continues its transition to fiber optics, we can't get enough knowledge on this topic! While we have been utilizing the above T-BERD 2000 OTDR to verify and troubleshoot the quality of our customer's fiber installations for awhile now, this upcoming advanced course from the device manufacturer will further increase our ability to meet our client's needs.

On April 22nd, as soon as we'll be saying goodbye and thank you to our JDSU trainers, we will be welcoming Fujikura's training staff. While functional fiber optic splices can be manually created, to provide our clients, and their customers, with the highest quality fiber installations, we utilize a thermal fiber splicer, specifically the Fujikura 70S pictured above. Like the T-BERD 2000, we have been using the 70S for awhile now. However, even though fiber optics possess amazing capacity qualities, it is also a very delicate material, and high quality splices are integral to creating an optimal installation. Plus, the Fujikura 70S is a very cool machine! We can't wait to learn more about it.

While we eagerly await our in-house live training sessions from JDSU and Fujikura, we also have several of our testing professionals taking online certification courses in the use of Anritsu's SiteMaster S332E (top) and PIM Master MW82119B (bottom) devices, from While there are numerous entities knowledgeable in the use of all of the devices listed in this posting, we believe it is usually best to learn directly from the device manufacturer, when possible. Which is why we are thankful to Anritsu for offering their free, online certifications, as well as the on-site live training options from the aforementioned companies.

In addition to all of our current and up-coming trainings that are focused upon the multiple aspects of macro and micro cell site testing, another employee has just recently joined the list of us who are OSHA 30 certified. We also have up-coming live training sessions scheduled in Microsoft Excel and Social Media Marketing for multiple members of our office staff, so we can be the best administrators and project managers serving the overall cellular industry.

Not that we're showing off, but even all of that does not complete our list of recent, current, and up-coming trainings and certifications! While we believe we can always further improve upon that which we already know, and have been doing for years, we are also dedicating ourselves to other knowledge areas pertinent to the telecom industry. We are adamant about being able to perform any needed service our clients require, and solve any problem, or meet any need they could possibly have, which is why Interference Hunting and Cyber & Physical Site Security are two other areas of expertise we are currently delving into. We truly do believe in being the best educated professionals in the field, and back at the office.

As our Founder once famously said (well, he's famous to us), "We are not likely to ever be the biggest, therefore we have to be the best!"

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